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Forsyth County Jail

Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office as a courtesy provides information about the individuals in their custody through an online portal. Search for Forsyth County Jail Inmates

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  • Clerk of Court  (336) 779 6300
  • Jail - Winston Salem  (336) 917 7600
  • Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office  (336) 917 7001
  • Forsyth County Crime Stoppers  (336) 727 2800

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • “What does a bail bond cost?”    The normal charge for any bail bond in NC is 15% of the bail amount being posted by the bail agent, State Law prohibits exceeding that amount.
  • ”I have a car title, can I use it to get someone out on a bail bond?”   The answer is yes and no; Yes if you (the owner on title) are selling the vehicle to cover the agreed value towards the premium fee, No if you’re wanting to use it as collateral instead of a down payment towards the bail bond premium.